About BeSafe

Since 1999, BeSafe Technologies has worked to transform the way people plan, communicate and collaborate when faced with an emergency. BeSafe Technologies has developed a proactive emergency response system called BeSafe®, a tool that helps first responders during an emergency who have limited prior experience or knowledge of a site.

BeSafe compiles detailed information about a facility including floor plans, unique building features, linked digital photos and can include occupant information. During an emergency first responders have this information readily available as they prepare to approach a scene. This helps first responders save time and make critical, life-saving decisions.

Endorsed by police, fire, EMT, SWAT and other emergency response personnel, we currently support customers in K-12, Higher Ed, Corporate, Housing, and Government. Installed in over 2,200 locations, BeSafe is redefining how schools, businesses and communities are prepared and protected. See the communities already protected by BeSafe and meet our leadership team.