Incident Management and Tracking App

When an incident occurs at a facility, and emergency responders arrive on scene, it is critical that all available information about the current conditions be made available in an easy to understand format.  The "aim" of AIM - our Active Incident Management app is to assist Incident Commanders with this task.  AIM allows data from many different sources to be combined into a visual representation of the building.  Building occupants/staff provide initial information either through the app itself, or through 3rd party integrations which can automate the distribution of building conditions during an emergency. First Responders provide information either via the AIM application directly, or by relaying the data to a dispatcher or Incident Command Team member managing updates to data within the application.  Data can come from other integrated sources as well, ie. BMS, VMS, PSIM

Built to HTML5 standards and utilizing ES6, BeSafe AIM is designed to work on any modern device using any modern web browser - with no special hardware or software necessary.  View the demo or learn more about how this app will help you provide first responders with the very best in situational awareness and shared data during an incident.

Dispatcher with AIM on terminal