Benefits of Using BeSafe®

  • BeSafe provides the ability to efficiently distribute accurate, up-to-date building information to all first responders, information that is essential to protecting students and staff.
  • BeSafe provides first responders an on-demand, detailed understanding of buildings they may not be familiar with. Having instant access to a school's floorplan and digital photos, officers can quickly determine the safest routes to any area of the building.
  • BeSafe gives fire personnel access to critical information, even before they arrive onsite, such as locations of hazardous materials, where to find utility shutoffs, emergency contact data, and alternate approaches if primary routes are blocked.
  • BeSafe equips EMTs with the information they need to identify the most direct path to accident and emergency locations. Knowledge of windows and roof accesses improve EMTs ability to respond to changing conditions in an emergency.
  • BeSafe enables multiple municipal and state agencies to provide coordinated responses to emergencies on campus. All first responders are looking at the same data and can effectively communicate and work together.

BeSafe Protected Community Participant

BeSafe Community participants who want to get the word out that they have taken proactive steps to ensure they are providing the safest working, learning, or living environment possible, can place the BeSafe Community Member logo on their buildings and websites.

The BeSafe Community Member logo for buildings applies to the inside of a glass surface, such as a window or a door pane and lets first responders know that information is available online in the event of an emergency. The BeSafe Community Member web logo provides a link to our website where a participants community members can go to learn about the BeSafe program and see the steps being taken to provide the safest working, learning, or living environment possible.

To add the BeSafe Protected Community logo on your website, simply have your website administrator contact us.