BeSafe Client Safety Portal

Centralized Location for All Facility Safety Planning

BeSafe Portal Highlights

Periodic updates maintain information integrity and ensure effectiveness of any safety-related policy or program. The importance of this ongoing process cannot be understated – the safety of students or facility occupants, faculty, staff and administration, as well as first responders, depends on the quality of information available during an emergency.

The frequency of updates depends upon the level of activity or change anticipated in personnel or equipment in the site or community.

The BeSafe Safety Portal provides you with several tools to facilitate this:

Secure Document Management and Publication

BeSafe Portal Users collaborate across their organization and with First Responder groups in the development of Incident Management Plans, emergency and safety procedures, preparedness plans, etc, as required by the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Clients securely publish BeSafe interactive floor plans, NIMS mandated plans, procedures, and policies, along with other materials through the BeSafe Portal. Access to these documents is managed via an easy to use web interface.

Essential Information Management

The BeSafe Essential Elements of Information feature provides a self service tool BeSafe clients use to update and publish essential emergency preparedness information.  This information is automatically added to the Enhanced Floor Plan package for first responders to download. First Responders receive a change notification when updates are made. All responsible parties are provided access to the most up-to-date information available.

Custom Functionality

The BeSafe portal is built on an extensible Java based platform that enables BeSafe to implement client custom requirements quickly and economically. Please contact BeSafe to discuss your custom needs.