BeSafe for Corporate and Retail Locations





     Today, corporations want and need to do everything they can to help plan for and protect their employees and facilities in the event of an emergency. But knowing where to start, how to pre-plan and how to best create and maintain updated emergency information can be a daunting task. Even more critical is learning how to engage and integrate company officials, first responders and your employees to effectively address and handle emergencies and ensure safety.

     BeSafe - the leading emergency response system, documents crucial information about your corporate facilities, and creates a direct line of communication between company officials, employees and emergency first responders. In the event of an emergency, information is electronically and instantly accessible so critical decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

     Whether a single office building or multiple facilities or buildings within a complex, BeSafe delivers accurate and detailed information including floor plans, building demographics and digital photos to police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams.





"BeSafe provides our department with vital information that can save a life during a tragedy."

 – Richard Stanley, Police Chief, Wareham, MA