First Responders and the BeSafe Safety Portal

Who is a First Responder:

In the context of the BeSafe online community, the term First Responder refers to individuals or groups that are members of local fire, police, and emergency medical services organizations, as well as private firms that provide similar services. Individuals with bona fide first responder affiliation that join the BeSafe community are provided access to information BeSafe client's make available online.

How it works:

The BeSafe Safety Portal provides First Responders access to BeSafe client content for first responders for client sites if the site is in the area of responsibility of the organization the first responder is affiliated with. When a new client is added to the portal the BeSafe staff informs the appropriate First Responder organizations and provides instruction for setting up access to the client data. First responders register once and use a single user name and password to access every site.

Navigating to different sites:

You must be a registered user.
You must sign in first.
  1. Move the mouse pointer over the Welcome button in the upper right cornet of the screen.
  2. You should see a drop down menu of items.
  3. Move the mouse pointer down to the My Places menu item.
  4. You should see a list of client sites you have access to.
  5. Move the mouse pointer over the client site you want to access.
  6. Click on that link to be taken to the client area of the portal.

What to do if you don't see a site you should have access to:

There are several reasons you might not see a site.

  1. You are not in the correct First Responder Group.
    Ask your organization if it participates in the BeSafe program and if it does request that your BeSafe user name
    get added to the BeSafe group for your organization.
  2. Your organization does not participate in the BeSafe program.
    Use the request form to the right to contact BeSafe and request your organization be added to the system.
You must be signed in to see the form.  If you need help creating an account, please let us know
There is no cost to First Responders for participating in the program.