The hardware and software solution which implements emergency protocols and lockdowns on-site and initiates and expedites the response of law enforcement and emergency services.

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BeSafe Current Plans and Offerings.pdf

BeSafe Current Plans and Offerings.pdf

See what each of our plans offer, and pick the right plan for your facilities.

BeSafe for Go2Blu.pdf

BeSafe for Go2Blu.pdf

BeSafe provides the facility data and awareness distributed via the Go2Blue and Notify platforms.

BeSafe and Go²Blu deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective Duress Management Solution

As you have seen, the BeSafe Portal and our Enhanced Floor Plans deliver the necessary content and platform to develop and maintain your school's professional emergency operations plans. Now, BeSafe is partnered with Go²Blu to provide an Armed Intruder/Active Shooter System that activates your emergency plans.

Introducing the Go²Blu System for Schools

  • Adds a Virtual School Resource Officer to every classroom
  • When faced with a life-threatening event, Go²Blu guarantees the timeliness of the most significant preservers of life.
  • Allows teachers and staff to summon help
  • Implements lockdown
  • Instantly notifies First Responders
  • Opens 2-way communications between classrooms and Emergency Responders
  • Immediately affordable

Immediate Communication Is Key

In your school, 2-way communications are key to alerting and informing during emergencies.

Go²Blu equips teachers in every classroom with a simple and effective means of summoning help when it is needed.

How Does Go²Blu Work

The Go²Blu system uses a combination of existing classroom equipment plus new wireless devices. These communicate with Go²Blu's Duress Management System in each school.

Here are the Details

When faced with a life-threatening event, Go²Blu guarantees the timeliness of the two most significant preservers of life:

  1. Implementing emergency lockdown protocols on-site
  2. Initiating and expediting the response of first responders

When Used Daily

Go²Blu becomes a familiar device. Go²Blu uses color-coded and labeled buttons that summon local assistance from Office or Nurse.

Using the same device in a crisis, teachers can alert and activate building lockdown protocols and notify public safety with split-second timing.

Reaching The Emergency Response Community

Go²Blu uses multiple audio paths to rapidly deliver information to emergency responders.

Go²Blu and BeSafe deliver the audio message with clear directions to speed response to the exact location.

In addition, Emergency Responders receive an authorized link. The link provides 1-click access to BeSafe's Secure Portal containing your schools emergency plans.

Simple, Effective, Immediate

BeSafe and Go²Blu save valuable minutes by reducing the alert to on-scene response.

Speed and knowldege of the event location are designed to vastly improve response times.