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BeSafe® for Your K-12 School District

Over the past decade we have seen, with tragic results, how vulnerable and susceptible our schools can truly be. In the event of an emergency, the safety and well being of students and faculty is the highest priority. Being prepared with reliable information that can be accessed quickly and clearly to help those responding to an emergency is essential. BeSafe - the leading emergency response system provides immediate detailed information about your school to police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams.

Developed as a tool to help emergency response personnel - who have limited prior experience or knowledge of a site - BeSafe provides real time data and vital information including floor plans, building demographics and digital photos of your school buildings and facilities.

Information within the BeSafe system is electronically and instantly accessible so that critical decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

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"BeSafe® presents all the information that a first-responder needs about a building in a very clear, straight-forward and logical way."

Paul Szymanski, Assistant Superintendent, Andover Public Schools, Andover, MA