The BeSafe Safety Preparedness Community:

The BeSafe Community content area is a shared space available to all BeSafe clients and members of the BeSafe Portal.

Our goal for this community is to provide a cyberspace where BeSafe clients can discuss issues relevant to safety preparedness and more importantly collaborate to develop effective approaches to address those issues.

There are many resources at the Federal and State level that are invaluable. We provide references to many of those resources on this site, but lets face it, problems are solved at the organizational level, where the rubber meets the road.

Our goal is to bring together day to day safety and security practitioners. In providing this grassroots approach BeSafe hopes to make a positive contribution to safety preparedness.


In addition to our clients:

  • We welcome anyone who through their work, training, or other experience can bring value to the community. Signed in users can participate in the discussion forum, comment on content, and participate in content creation.
  • We encourage First Responders to join the community. First Responder members can request access to client online information for First Responders.