BeSafe® Rapid Safety Assessment

BeSafe can quickly and effectively conduct a visual screening of buildings at a customer site, either as a standalone activity or as a component of developing floor plans for first responders. The results of this screening can be used to identify the level of risk for a single building, or the relative risk of different buildings on a site. This can assist customers in determining how to best allocate limited risk management resources.

The BeSafe assessment process is based on Federal and State government recommendations as well as BeSafe staff experience. The BeSafe Rapid Assessment is not intended to replace an in depth security and vulnerability review. It was developed to provide an independent and cost effective initial review to help decision makers allocate limited safety and preparedness resources effectively. A BeSafe review will typically cover topics such as:

  • Building Interiors
  • Campus Grounds
  • Surrounding Land Use
  • Surveillance
  • Common Areas
  • Maintenance and Security
  • Preparedness Plans and Policies
  • ADA Requirements
  • Communications

BeSafe delivers the Assessment results in digitial and printed document formats. BeSafe can provide a sumary of the Assessment results in an informal or formal presentation setting either at your site or online.