BeSafe® Enhanced Floor Plan For First Responders

BeSafe is a proactive emergency response system that assists emergency first responders to quickly access important information.  It's just mouse clicks away!

BeSafe provides emergency personnel with answers to time-critical questions like:

  • What is the most direct access to the archives room in the library?
  • What hazardous materials are stored in Lab #8 in the science building?
  • How far is it from the front door to the auditorium stage?
  • Where is the gas shutoff and what is the cell number of the emergency contact at the utility company?
  • Is there a window in Door 19?
  • Where could someone hide in the cafeteria?
  • Is there roof access to the library wing?
  • Can you see into the Registrar's office from the courtyard?

BeSafe conducts site visits to validate the accuracy of all data collected.

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Utility, Building and Maintenance Information
  • Demographics of the Building Occupants
  • HAZMAT Information
  • Exterior Entrances and Exits
  • Areas with High Safety Concerns
  • Unique Building Features
  • Hydrants and Generators
  • Aerial Photos
  • Prerecorded Video
  • Buildings, Doors, Windows, Crawlspaces, Stairways
  • Utility Contact and shutoff information (Water, Electric, Gas)
  • Fire Alarms, Control Panels, Sprinklers
  • Alarm Systems, Cameras
  • Telephone, Intercom Systems
  • Roof Access Information

Key Features

Key Contacts

Customized to suit your organizational structure and needs, the BeSafe Portal allows you to update key contact information to provide to your first responders, as well as to anyone at your facilities that has a safety and security role.

Building Systems

Information is organized and displayed in a manner that allows first responders to quickly review what systems a particular building has - from alarms and communication systems, to hazardous materials, and utilities.

Standardized Symbols

We use a consistient set of symbols on our floor plans, and symbols are defined in a legend on every floor plan. New symbols can be added to document specific features at your institution.

Exterior Imagery

During our site visit, we will be capturing data inside your facility, as well as capturing data about the surroundings, including taking pictures of many items. Every point of entry to the buildings will be noted on the floor plans and linked to imagery of those entrances.

Aerial Imagery

We include any aerial imagery available for the facility. Sometimes these images will be available from public safety resources, and other times from fly-overs done to advertise completion of new construction (often a school district will have this done to highlight a big building project).


Imagery and information about utilities are gathered and available for First Responders, providing detailed directions and a visual reference of the location of the service.