The nation's most advanced two-way emergency communication app.

IN FORCE911 is a purpose-built software, designed to dramatically reduce emergency response time when seconds matter most. IN FORCE911 bridges the communication barrier between those in a building under threat and with law enforcement and first responders.
IN FORCE911 provides a secured and encrypted network, establishing a real-time, two-way alert and communication portal, occurring within 12 seconds or less. IN FORCE911 works cross-platform on all operating systems and devices.

Instant Alert

Those under threat have the ability to send an alert directly to officers in the field in 12 seconds or less, getting them on site faster!

Mass Notification

The alert is simultaneously sent to all law enforcement officials, dispatchers and others in the building under threat.

Exact location

Emergency alerts include the room number in the building, or GPS location of the threat origin.

Use Any Device

Compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS and Android. Download simply and quickly from the App or Google Play Stores.

Real-Time Communication

With the understanding that swift law enforcement intervention is the ultimate  factor in saving lives, staff and employees of buildings can rely on point-to-point connectivity and real-time communication with first responders from their community, instead of a centralized dispatching organization.

Two Way Chat

A two-way chat portal is initiated, allowing for real-time communication between those in the building under threat and first responders.

Vital Information

Immediately provides law enforcement with floor plans, live camera feeds and building schematics, enabling the best approach to the situation.


Enhances the ability to easily clear and evacuate a building under lockdown, accounting for and reunifying those in the building.

Easy to Use

In Force911 has been designed with UX in mind, making it easy for anyone to use, especially when seconds count.

“The safety of our students is always our top priority. When looking at ways to improve communication with staff during a critical incident response, IN FORCE911 was the clear choice for our schools. We are so excited to deploy IN FORCE911 to help make our schools as safe as they can be.”

- Superintendent Dale Ellis
Montgomery County, NC Public Schools

Contact us to find out how BeSafe Technologies and In Force911 integrate together as a critical school safety solution.

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