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We all agree that the safety and well being of students and faculty is of the highest importance. Yet, over the past two decades, we have seen just how vulnerable our schools can truly be. 

Having access to reliable information, quickly and easily, can make the difference between a happy outcome and a horrible one.

BeSafe Technologies’ award-winning building safety and emergency response system provides detailed information about your school to police, fire, SWAT and EMT’s instantaneously during an emergency.

Helping School Days End,
as Great as They Begin

"20 Bucks was Too Much to Pay," said NO ONE EVER After an Emergency Event

Parents Expect Safety in Schools
...and Why Shouldn't They?

"Having the BeSafe program in place gives us a state of the art safety blanket for our students, faculty, and staff. It has also given our parents an added level of assurance that their children's safety is of paramount concern to our school."
tim dumont
Tim Dumont
Director of Buildings and Grounds at the Groton School

K-12/ Public/ Private Schools

When an emergency incident occurs at a school, it is more than likely that the first responders on their way to assist, have limited prior knowledge of that location.

In 1999, we developed a software tool that directly addresses the prevailing need for accurate data during those critical moments.

The BeSafe Safety System rapidly distributes essential information regarding your school buildings and facilities to designated personnel when responding to emergency events.

Information that is recorded, stored and shared includes:

  • school staff contact info
  • 2D digital indoor maps
  • entrance photos
  • aerial photos of building and campus
  • key building demographcs (hazardous materials onsite, emergency shutoff locations for gas, water, electricity, roof and basement access locations, etc) 
  • other key data and best practices derived from decades of experience


This critical data is stored within the BeSafe Safety Portal and hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment, making it instantly accessible, so that life-saving decisions can be made quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Additional School Safety Services

On-Site School Safety Assessment

Upon completion of the BeSafe Safety Assessment, your school will be equipped with a comprehensive planning and execution document, with reviewed safety areas including:

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