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School and Workplace Safety System

emergency response software

BeSafe facilitates the sharing of crucial tactical information between school administrators, facilities management and emergency first responders in real time, providing our heroes with the information they need to act rapidly.

emergency response software

Our secure cloud technology delivers accurate and detailed information including interactive digital floor plans, building features and key contact data to first responders including, police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams.

emergency response software

Endorsed by school superintendents, security experts, facilities management professionals and emergency response personnel, BeSafe is protecting over 2000 schools, businesses, government offices and medical facilities. 

Starting at $20 per month, it's one of the quickest and most affordable ways to improve school and workplace safety today.

"BeSafe enables our police and fire personnel to be familiar with details about a site before they even get there. Seeing floor plans and digital photos of the key areas equips them to respond effectively and safely."
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Tom Bobkowski
Director of School Safety, Greenwich CT Public Schools

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BeSafe Technologies Inc is a business that provides public safety products and services to schools and businesses that need them. We may also receive compensation for some of the products we review on our site. Products that we authentically believe can be helpful to our clients.