The RIGHT information, in the RIGHT hands, at the RIGHT time.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge based on verified, accurate data is priceless.
At the very core of the BeSafe Building Safety System are verified accurate digital maps of your indoor spaces, a powerful component of ANY comprehensive safety plan.
Scroll down the page for a detailed description of each component of the BeSafe Emergency Response System, including our Building Safety Portal.

What Makes Our Safety System So Powerful?

emergency response software

Instant distribution of vital information

Rapidly distribute accurate, up-to-date building information to all first responders, information that is essential to protecting students and staff.

emergency response software

Interactive digital floorplans

Having ​instant access to a school's digital floor plan and photos, emergency personnel can quickly determine the safest routes to any area of the building.

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Empowering first responders

Gives fire personnel access to critical information, such as locations of hazardous materials, where to find utility shutoffs, emergency contact data, and alternate approaches if primary routes are blocked.

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find the safest way in and out

Equips EMTs with the information they need to identify the most direct path to accident and emergency locations. Knowledge of windows and roof accesses improve EMTs ability to respond to changing conditions in an emergency.

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Enables full agency cooperation

Enables multiple municipal and state agencies to provide coordinated responses to emergencies on campus. All first responders look at the same data, aiding them to effectively communicate and work together.

emergency response software
emergency response software

Enhanced Floor Plan for First Responders

Unrolling stacks of architectural plans on the hood of a vehicle trying to locate a particular room within a facility takes valuable time away from responding to an incident.

Our interactive digital floor plans are created in vector PDF format making text and images crisp, easily enlarged and searchable with the click of a button.

Centralized Location for Facility Safety Planning

The more accurate information is, the more useful it is. Incorrect or out of date information is more then just a nuisance, it can be dangerous.

We start with verified accurate information and enable periodic updates to maintain information integrity and ensure ongoing effectiveness of your safety plan.

emergency response software
emergency response software

Evacuation Maps

Evacuation Maps, posted throughout a building, provide clear and concise visual routes staff and visitors should use to exit the building in cases of emergency.

BeSafe Evacuation Maps allow a facility to inform its occupants of the desired routes, as well as marking locations of emergency equipment to First Responders. When seconds count, communication is critical.

Rapid Safety Assessment

BeSafe can quickly and effectively conduct a visual screening of buildings at a client site, either as a standalone activity or as a component of developing floor plans for first responders.

​The results of this screening can be used to identify the level of risk for a single building, or the relative risk of different buildings on a site. This can assist clients in determining how to best allocate limited risk management resources.

emergency response software
"The BeSafe system clearly demonstrated the critical need to integrate technology, data, and people into one comprehensive solution that will help make our country safer. This solution was seamless, simple, and may potentially save the lives of both first responder and those that are in harms way.”
Chuck Brooks
Technology Assessment Lead, GSN IT Security awards

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