Safety Assessment Guide

identify risks, eliminate blindspots and give serious attention where it's really needed

Developed and refined over 20 years

Now, for the first time ever, this guide is being made available to all those concerned with school and workplace safety

Don’t be caught unprepared

Why you need the safety assessment guide:

School and workplace safety cannot be left to chance. 

We know people are counting on you.

Leveraging this guide ensures that you have ALL your bases covered.

What this comprehensive guide covers:

Building and Grounds

Staff Development

Development & Enforcement of Policies

Level of Community Involvement

Development of an Emergency Response Plan

Role of Law Enforcement

Standards for Security Personnel

ADA Requirement

Communications & Information

Building Access

Tap into decades of public safety experience.

richard stanley

“I have been Chief of Police in two accredited communities as well as a 55 city/town regional SWAT Commander and implemented the BeSafe system into our schools, hospitals, and municipal and community buildings. The BeSafe system has given police and fire personnel an invaluable resource in the areas of preparation and response. “

Richard Stanley

Police Chief - Wareham, MA

A word from BeSafe COO, Kevin Harrington

“Since launching BeSafe in 1999, we have remained relentlessly focused on the safety and security of schools and workplaces of all sizes. That’s all we do and all we’ve ever done. This guide will help you determine whether your facilities safety plans are really meeting the needs of those inside.”

emergency response technology

Developed and refined over 20 years of providing thousands of onsite building safety assessments to schools, workplaces and public facilities.

Since 1999, BeSafe onsite facility safety assessments have been performed by our experienced staff for thousands of dollars, depending on campus and facility sizes and geography.

Now, for the first time ever, this guide is being made available to all those concerned with school safety and workplace safety.

We have included contributions from first responders and security personnel from some of the top agencies in the U.S. that we have closely collaborated with over the years.

Why wait?

This comprehensive guide contains a 300-point checklist in an easy to fill out format that can then be easily shared with all stakeholders involved in your organization’s safety and security.


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