"I can actually download our information from the cloud to whoever's in charge on site, and they can communicate that information, immediately, to the people that are going into the building. BeSafe Technologies allows that degree of sophistication."
joe casey superintendent
Joe Casey
Superintendent of Schools, Melrose, MA

Over the past decade we have seen, with tragic results, how natural disasters and ruthless acts of violence can impact nearly any school campus. It has become evident that just having an emergency management plan in place is not enough.

​To ensure safety and effectively address and handle emergency situations, schools need a complete system that engages, integrates and empowers students, staff and emergency response teams.

College/ University

BeSafe’s award winning emergency response system facilitates clear communications between schools and emergency first responders, providing critical information about an entire campus.

BeSafe delivers accurate and detailed information including digital floor plans, building demographics, live video, and photos of your campus to police, fire, SWAT and other emergency teams. In the event of an emergency, information is electronically and instantly accessible so critical decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

On-Site Campus Safety Assessment

Upon completion of the BeSafe Safety Assessment, your college campus will be equipped with a comprehensive planning and execution document, with reviewed safety areas including:

  • Developing & Enforcing Policies
  • Development of Intervention Plans & Programs
  • Level of Staff Development
  • Opportunities for Staff Involvement
  • Level of Parent/Community Involvement
  • Role of Law Enforcement
  • Standards for Safety/Security Personnel
  • Safety & Security of Buildings/Grounds
  • Building Interiors
  • Development of Emergency Response Plans
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Communications & Information

See how BeSafe can work for you.

Our school security and workplace safety system facilitates the sharing of critical information between school administrators, facilities management and emergency first responders in real time, helping save lives.

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