Keeping Citizens and Staff Safe

Today, government agencies are entrusted to do everything they can to help plan for and protect citizens and facilities in the event of an emergency. Everyone from mayors to city councilors, to security and safety commissioners, are tasked with keeping communities and public facilities safe.

​Cities and towns, large and small, need a system that engages and integrates safety officials, first responders and the community to effectively address and handle emergencies and ensure safety.

Government Facilities

BeSafe’s industry leading emergency response system, facilitates communication between local and state government personnel and emergency first responders, exchanging critical information with all parties.

"With BeSafe, every school in the region has a map and a digital floor plan...that allows for the responding units, whether it be fire or police, to have a standardized set of plans before they enter a building."
Brian Pattullo
Chief of Police, Andover, MA

Our school security and workplace safety system facilitates the sharing of critical information between school administrators, facilities management and emergency first responders in real time, helping save lives.

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