BeSafe Technologies Announces Appointment of New CEO, Michael Antinozzi

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BeSafe Technologies, Inc announced today that following a successful 12-year tenure as the Company’s president and chief executive officer, Tom McDonald will be stepping down as CEO. The Company announced that current Managing Director, Michael Antinozzi, has been selected by the board of directors to assume the role of chief executive officer, effective March 1, 2018.

Michael has more than 30 years of technology and business leadership experience, including more than 15 years with Xerox, Sun (Oracle), Infusion (Avanade) and 10 years leading successful biotech startup, Ozone Nation Inc.

“Michael’s appointment and this transition are exciting milestones in a succession plan we’ve been working on,” says Kevin Harrington, COO and co-founder of BeSafe. “His client-focused mindset, team-based leadership style and extensive business development expertise will build on the success Tom has helped the Company achieve. We’ve been fortunate to experience 20 years of remarkable success and built a strong geographical presence in the northeastern, U.S and California. Michael is focused on expanding that presence across the US, Canada and internationally.”

To ensure a smooth transition, McDonald will work with the new CEO while transitioning into the role of Vice President of Business Development. The company also announced that Jeff Dodge, Regional Managing Director for BlueMetal (an Insight company), will be joining the board of directors. Chief operating officer, Kevin Harrington; chief financial officer, Kathy Harrington; will continue in their roles.

New Perspective, Established Experience

Antinozzi joins the BeSafe team after recently departing SaaS software company, SOTI, as VP of Global Business Development. During that time he established the global business development team, while forging strategic alliances with global SI’s, ISV’s and IoT technology partners, contributing to one of the strongest annual revenue performances in the company’s history.

“Tom’s leadership and strong work ethic have paved an excellent path for us to follow and expand,” says Antinozzi. “We will continue to grow and strengthen our footprint while maintaining our position as a leading provider of public safety tools and technology, dedicated to helping save lives by providing critical information to first responders, school officials and facilities management professionals, when responding to an emergency.”

“There’s been an alarming rise in school shootings and other emergencies affecting the safety of students and staff in communities across America and internationally. We are eager to do our part in helping people stay safe.”

A Recognized Legacy in Public Service

From 1973 until 2006, Tom was a teacher, prevention specialist, principal, and in 2004, was appointed superintendent of the Barnstable Massachusetts School System. Tom has extensive experience as a school administrator and understands first hand the importance of school safety planning. In 2006 Tom joined BeSafe and has been instrumental in its growth.

Kevin Harrington offered McDonald the board’s gratitude.

“Tom will leave a considerable legacy, and we’re grateful for his leadership and hard work over the years,” says Harrington. “We’ll look forward to working with Michael and Tom to ensure the Company is positioned for continued success through a robust growth plan.”

About BeSafe

Since 1999, BeSafe Technologies has worked to transform the way people plan, communicate and collaborate when faced with an emergency. BeSafe Technologies has developed a proactive emergency response system that helps first responders during an emergency who have limited prior experience or knowledge of a site.

BeSafe compiles detailed information about a facility including digital floor plans, photos, unique building features and occupant information. During an emergency first responders have this information readily available as they prepare to approach a scene. This helps first responders save time and make critical, life-saving decisions.

Endorsed by police, fire, EMT, SWAT and other emergency response personnel, we currently support customers in K-12Higher EdHospitalsCommercial and Government. Installed in over 2,200 locations, BeSafe is redefining how schools, businesses and communities are prepared and protected.

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