activeshield iot building safety platform
ActiveShield integrates real-time input from IoT devices, sensors and AI enabled software overlayed onto interactive digital floor plans to create a single management display that enables rapid communication and response in the event of an emergency.
activeshield iot building safety platform
Our secure cloud technology delivers verified accurate and detailed information including relevant building features and key contact data to police, fire and other emergency personnel, minimizing critical response times and saving lives.
Award-winning IoT-Enabled Building Safety Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure IoT, that’s redefining school and workplace safety.
activeshield iot building safety platform
activeshield iot building safety platform
activeshield iot building safety platform
Real-time information sharing clearly conveys the nature of an incident to first responders and people in the vicinity of the impacted area Integration with Insight’s Safe Spaces forms an IoT platform that can act as the central hub for:
activeshield iot building safety platform
  • Capturing data transmitted from sensor-based technology – cameras, sound and motion sensors, etc. – integrated with third-party security solutions, providing them the ability to share real-time information and coordinate emergency response.
  • Panic buttons that a teacher or other school faculty can press to send an alert if they feel threatened
  • Color-coded smart lights that automatically illuminate to warn of an emergency based on proximity to the possible danger and help people identify safe zones.
  • Real-time communication to on-site security and emergency services, with different alerts or action plans based on the information being shared with the central system.
  • Direct lines of communication for people involved in the crisis via a navigation-based mobile app to provide updates and safety instructions in real time.
The new technology will ensure first responders like the Aldine ISD Police Department, Aldine firestations, Houston police, and fire departments and other entities as well as neighboring school districts will be better informed of the types and the severity of the emergencies
activeshield iot building safety platform
Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney
AISD Superintendent of Schools - City of Houston
We are leaping into the future. My goal is for Houston to become the next hotbed in our nation for innovation and technology and the digital universe.
activeshield iot building safety platform
Mayor Sylvester Turner
City of Houston

The first line of defense

activeshield iot building safety platform

In-room buttons

Once pressed, alarms send alerts to the Project Edison emergency notification system.

activeshield iot building safety platform

Color-coded lights

Signals based on proximity to danger guide people to safety with red, yellow and green illumination.

activeshield iot building safety platform

Sound-tracking microphones

Installed sound indicators help you monitor unusually loud noises so you can send someone to investigate.

See how ActiveShield can work for you.

Our school security and workplace safety system facilitates the sharing of critical information between school administrators, facilities management and emergency first responders in real time, helping save lives.

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