10 Killer Business Security Solutions You Can Use At Home

The time we are living in now is a turbulent one. We’ve shuttered offices, schools, restaurants and more as we have continued the battle against COVID-19. Now that we, and our families, are spending so much more time at home, there’s an even greater need to keep our homes safe.

For that reason, interest in home security solutions have seen an uptick in the past few weeks. The reality is, many security technologies for small or medium businesses can easily be implemented in the home. So without further delay, here are 10 killer business security solutions you can use at home.

Best Security Camera Systems

When people think of home security camera systems, the Google Nest system is consistently brought up. It’s a popular option for a couple reasons. The cameras are compact and attractive, easily fitting into a small business setting or home. Customers who’ve purchased Nest cameras remark at how easy it is to set up. And it can compare with Amazon Alexa.

A complaint that I see consistently among reviewers is the subscription service for Nest Aware. It allows recording and cloud storage past 10 days. But it’s expensive. And if you don’t buy it, according to several reviewers, you’ll be bombarded by false email alerts.

So with that in mind, here are a couple of our top security camera alternatives to Google Nest.

Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Security Camera System – 2 Camera Kit (VMS4230P) | $239.00 on Amazon

best business security solutions for homeThe Arlo Pro 2 security camera system is a solid option. One of the major pros is the wireless capability. You don’t have to worry about running cables. Simply set up the camera using the magnetic mounts, and enjoy wireless streaming and recording, whether inside or out. That being said, it does also include power cables if you’d prefer to have a camera that doesn’t need the battery recharged.

If you do a quick search, you may notice that there is a newer version of the Arlo Pro system, the Arlo Pro 3. One of the differences between the two systems is the cameras. Both have two-way audio and built-in spotlights. However, the newer Pro 3 uses 2K cameras with 160 degree viewing angle, while the Arlo Pro 2 uses 1080P cameras with 130 degree viewing angle. The fact is, the Pro 2 cameras are more than adequate.

But here’s the real kicker: The Pro 2 comes with 7 days free rolling cloud storage while the Pro 3 requires a $120/year subscription for cloud storage. Many loyal Arlo customers are not pleased with this new subscription plan. When you consider that the upfront cost of the Pro 2 is almost half that of the Pro 3, it’s a no brainer.

For these reasons, we recommend you go with the Arlo Pro 2.

Lorex 1080p Wireless Outdoor Metal Cameras, 1TB Hard Drive | $593.98 on Amazon

lorex 6 camera metal wireless home securityLorex is a popular and trusted security camera manufacturer, protecting homes and businesses across the globe. Their products are often praised for ease of setup as well as their high quality construction, making them a good choice for home consumers.

This wireless security camera system is ideally suited for outdoor application. The cameras are housed in strong lightweight metal, and are fully weather proof. Battery life is superb, with the cameras operating on an “activate with motion” setting, and can be placed up to 450 feet away from the central storage device. The 140 degree viewing angle allows you to cover wide areas, plus, did we mention the 150 feet night vision capability?

Along with the cameras, the system includes a 1TB DVR (expandable to 8TB) which features Smart Search playback and adjustable sensitivity zone selection. Meaning your cameras can be hyper-alert on whatever areas you deem fit.

Great features for a very reasonable price, makes this a top choice for home security.

Best Indoor Security Camera

Sometimes you don’t want or need a multi-camera security system. Maybe you just need one or two cameras that allow you to monitor a few spaces in the house, or the front and back doors. If that’s the case for you, check out our picks for the best indoor cameras you can buy.

Wyze Cam v2 | $25.98 on Amazon

best indoor camera home securityPerhaps you’re torn between getting an indoor camera that’s budget-friendly, or feature-rich. Well, why not have both?

The Wyze Cam has the best of both worlds. At only $25, you’d think it was basic, or maybe low quality. But it’s not. It’s a camera that features high-quality construction, attractive styling, and much more. While it can’t pan, tilt, or zoom, check out what it does have: Two-way audio, night vision, 24/7 live streaming, remote monitoring with free mobile app, motion detection, the ability to listen for things like smoke alarms, voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, 14 days of free rolling cloud storage!

If you want bang-for-your-buck, you won’t find much better than the Wyze Cam.

Wyze Cam Pan | $34.98 on Amazon

best indoor security cameraIf only the Wyze Cam could pan, tilt, and zoom! Well, now introducing its bigger brother, the appropriately named Wyze Cam Pan.

This affordable indoor camera has all of the features of its little bro, with the added capability of motion control. Using the free mobile app, you can pan, tilt, or zoom from wherever you are. The Wyze Cam Pan can rotate a full 360 degrees, and has a 93 degree tilt up and down range.

Wyze has kept up their reputation of cramming a lot of features into a small, affordable package by adding the unique Pan Scan capability. You can set the camera to automatically patrol a space, by selecting up to 4 waypoints in the room. In other words, your camera can continually switch between monitoring the front door, the dining room window, the back door, and the living room window.

If you’re shopping for indoor cameras, Wyze Cams need to be near the top of your list.

Best Wearable Panic Button

For many years, wearable security technology essentially maxed out at a loud whistle, or if you were lightning quick with your thumbs, a cell phone. But now wearable panic buttons are changing the game, acting as mass notification systems you can have on you at all times.

Like many other products, they range in price, features, and quality. So here is our top pick.

Silent Beacon Panic Button & Safety App | Check for latest pricing on Amazon

wearable panic buttonThe Silent Beacon panic button is a must have for personal security, whether you’re at home or on the job.

With the push of a button, the Silent Beacon automatically calls 911 (or any number you choose instead), utilizing a Bluetooth connection to your phone. A built-in speaker and noise-cancelling microphone allows for clear communication with whoever is on the line.

At the same time it makes the call, Silent Beacon will send text messages, emails, push notifications and your GPS location to your emergency contacts, enabling as many as possible to help you. When in alert mode, you can even enable GPS tracking to give live updates of your location.

The device can also sound an audible alarm when the alert button is pressed, but this can also be disabled with the touch of a button, in case you don’t want someone to know you’ve called for help. Add to this its durable construction, keychain feature and the easy to use free companion app, and you quickly see why this is a security solution worth considering.

Best Home Security System

If you’re looking for more than just video surveillance to guard your home, a full home security system may be the way to go. Thanks to the advancement and affordability of technology today, there are more options available than ever before. In fact, if you dive into the rabbit hole of home security, it can be a bit overwhelming.

When looking for a home security system, there are a few essential factors that guide your decision. Such as, pricing, features, value, and the overall styling of the devices themselves (after all, you’re installing these things throughout your home).

With that in mind, here’s our favorite.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System | $374.25 on Amazon

business home security systemSimpliSafe has had a feature-rich, affordable system for several years. But their devices looked bulky and dated. Recently however, they’ve taken their product to the next level by redesigning it to look sleek and stylish for any home.

“Simpli” put (sorry), SimpliSafe’s security system is terrific. It costs less upfront than nearly all its competitors, and you’ll pay much less for 24/7 professional monitoring. The monthly cost is only 14.99, or for 24.99 you can have professional monitoring plus remote monitoring on any device.

SimpliSafe’s 8 piece system comes with the base station with built-in siren, 4 door sensors, 1 motion sensor, a keypad (something that other competitors, like Abode, don’t offer), a remote panic button, plus a yard sign, window stickers, and a free month of monitoring. Any time you’d like, you can add cameras, sensors, and other devices as you see fit. They even have carbon monoxide and water detectors, and glass-breaking sensors for windows.

All-in-all, a great DIY security system with professional monitoring, for a fantastic price.

Best Smart Door Locks

There are a growing number of inanimate objects that are getting “smarter” every day. The locks on the front door of your house are no different.

Here’s our pick for the top smart door lock.

best smart lock for home business

August Smart Lock Pro, Apple HomeKit Compatible and Z-Wave Plus Enabled | $298.98 on Amazon

The 3rd-generation August Smart Lock Pro frequently tops lists around the internet on places like CNET and PC Mag. Although the nearly $300 price tag is a bit steep, it’s one of the most versatile locks you can buy.

The August Smart Lock Pro works with Apple Homekit, which means it can be controlled remotely with Apple TV or using voice command with Siri. But it doesn’t stop there, since it is also Z-Wave and IFTTT (if this then that) enabled. What that means is you can program the lock to trigger other smart things in your home, such as lights or heating and air.

With your phone in your pocket, you can simply walk up to the door and it will automatically unlock. It will also keep track of who comes and goes. And of course if you still want to use your physical keys, no problem. The August Smart Lock Pro uses your existing deadbolt, so no retrofitting necessary.

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt | $275.39 on Amazon

best smart smart door lockIf you’re interested in a more traditional looking alternative to August’s more modern offer, the Schlage Encode might be the smart lock for you. The Encode smart lock has built-in WiFi with no hubs or accessories needed, making it easy to lock from anywhere. While not Apple HomeKit enabled, it does work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

A feature unique to this lock compared to the August Smart Lock Pro is the passcode capability. Aside from using voice control, you can simply enter a 4-digit code to enter the home. You can program up to 100 passcodes using the Schlage app, making this an ideal option for small businesses as well as family homes.

As an added bonus, the lock can be paired with the Ring Doorbell Camera and unlocked using Ring’s app.

Best Smart Video Doorbell

Gone are the days of peering stealthily through the window trying to figure out who just pressed the ding-dong button. Smart video doorbells have become an immensely popular security solution for families everywhere. They help to protect your home from intruders, allow remote access to your home for friends and family, and enable you to catch those pesky package snatchers.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 |  $249.99 on Amazon 

For our pick, we gotta go with Ring. Ring is the video doorbell most people think of, and it’s one of the top-selling manufacturers out there. While there are several models available now, we like the balanced features and price point of the Ring Video Doorbell 3.

While the original films in 720 HD, the 3 captures photos and video in full 1080 HD. Using the Ring app, you can easily manage all your Ring devices, including adjusting motion zone sensitivity on your video doorbell. That way you can keep an eye on the important areas, or even minimize false alarms.

The 3 also utilizes dual-band WiFi, meaning it works for any WiFi frequency, and allows for more versatility when pairing devices. In fact, any Alexa-enabled device can be paired with the Ring Doorbell 3, such as the Schlage lock mentioned above.

BeSafe at Work, at School, and at Home

Besafe Technologies has been at the forefront of workplace and school security for over 20 years. Using cutting-edge technology, employees, students and faculty members can be protected no matter what may come there way.

The many products showcased illustrate how business security tools can also be implemented in the home. To see how BeSafe Technologies security solutions can be used to protect you, your family and your home, get in touch with us today.

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