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Lessons and Case Studies

11 Heroic Stories of People Who Prevented Another School Shooting

Not all heroes wear capes.  With mass school shootings making headlines on a nearly weekly basis, the stories of the school shootings that are prevented often get lost in the sea of information. You’re not going to find Captain America, Jason Bourne, or the Justice League anywhere in the stories below. And

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active shooter tips
Lessons and Case Studies

3 Steps to Take During An Active Shooter School Lockdown

Most of us have a natural inclination to focus on positive things and shy away from, or entirely avoid, negative topics. Like the possibility of encountering dangerous situations. As parents, educators and first responders, we don’t have that luxury. Our children depend on us to help them stay safe. Our

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identify crime risk areas on campus
School Safety

How To Identify Crime Risk Areas On Your College Campus

This useful video, produced by High Point University Security Department for the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators, helps campus security and safety personnel deal with the potential of on-campus crime. The video highlights 4 key points: Identify crime risk areas on your campus Identify the potential crimes that may occur in the

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Our school security and workplace safety system facilitates the sharing of critical information between school administrators, facilities management and emergency first responders in real time, helping save lives.

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